Supporting small farms.

In the nature of Kushiro, Hokkaido

Former Ground Self-Defense Force Ranger Instructor

It takes three times as long as usual to raise them.

In natural grazing

Creating a small farm with energetic pigs


Supporting small farms.
Buying healthy and tasty food directly from farmers.

A small cheer becomes the power of a small farmer
We will create a new flow of local industry.

Now is the time
Just a little bit of a different perspective
For the future of the earth and children
Is there anything I can do?
What each of us can do a little bit at a time.

For life
Cheap, fast and a lot are very important factors.
Agriculture has been modernized and large-scale agriculture has been found cheaply and quickly.
To that end, agriculture was transformed from agriculture to agribusiness.
We continue to produce large quantities of products under an industrial system called agriculture.
The reality is that nature and animals, which are supposed to be the main characters, have become cogs in the wheel of a machine and are left behind.

Animal welfare born in British culture.

The British have always been animal lovers.

From the same point of view as a family, there are always livestock in our lives.

There are always animals sundry goods that cows, sheep, and chickens in the house.

And the most popular is pigs, which are said to be overflowing in the home.

To interact with livestock and make their lives more stress-free
The culture of enriching one's life by doing so has taken root as a tradition.
The United Kingdom has long had a spirit of animal welfare and the characteristics of farms with a large unit area.
Cattle and sheep grazing was thriving.
Because of their unique culture, is it possible to raise pigs by grazing in the same way as cows and sheep?
Since the 1980s, pasture pig farming has evolved by establishing its own rules prior to the EU.
British free-range pigs graze on a large site, do not keep close together, and can move freely and stress-free.
Breeding is basically all outside.
It is stipulated as a rule to give the ground and straw of the soil.
Due to the characteristics of pigs as animals, raising pigs on grazing is inefficient and labor-intensive in terms of productivity.
It took a lot of time for the British to get to today's grazing system.
Even so, the philosophy of animal welfare has been accepted by many people, and the shape of today's free-range pig farming has been completed.

Supporting small farms.
Buying healthy and tasty food directly from farmers.

In the United Kingdom, there is a system called the Red Tractor System.

It is a system that guarantees a series of processes from cultivation and rearing to distribution, processing, packaging, and sales of domestic agricultural products with high management standards.

It's not just about food safety.
Environmental conservation, including rural landscapes,
Animal welfare to free livestock from suffering
We ensure that we meet high management standards.
It is difficult for a small farm like ours to change everything right now.
With the understanding and support of many people
What we can do is to gradually permeate the local industry and create a new farmer standard.
I think it's possible and necessary for the future.